Pig Tails Hair Clip Packs

Pig Tails Hair Clip Packs

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Hair clips are such an easy way to spice up any look... plus these are unique because they’re handmade from clay! Comes with two matching hair clips... perfect for pig tails!

They come on an alligator clip that will stay put all day long (believe us, we’ve tested them out on some wild active children!).

These hair clips are the perfect size for both children and adults!  

Material: Polymer clay on alligator clip.

Because this product is handmade color and texture may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. This item is made by a human and not a machine so expect some inconsistencies and flaws. After all, our imperfections are why makes us beautiful!

While clay can be ver durable and sturdy, it can also at times be fragile so treat with care. If your clay hair clip is dropped or anything heavy is set on top of it, it can break. We recommend storing your Hey Grl Hey products in a safe place when it is not being worn.